You already know my name by the page title. By training, I'm an engineer who has worked in medical devices industry for a long time. 

I got interested in photography in the early 2000's upon my first close encounter with a DSLR camera attached to some medical imaging devices I was working on. However, it took a couple of years for me to decide to get hands on and grab my first camera. 2006 marks the year I started shooting, literally anything which was impressive/interesting to me (like all beginners, right?). Then I gradually focused on cities and buildings, capturing them in different angles and perspectives. As of 2012, I have expanded my angle of view to portraits and fashion. 

I carry out, on a long run, two photo-series called "Night & The City" and "Urban Looks". The first one is self-descriptive; I shoot cities (well-illuminated cities) at night. The second one is a combination of street photography and portraiture, where I shoot models on the street with my own perspective and concept (city and buildings in the background, and model in the foreground as a human element).

I hope you will fancy my work. Do not hesitate to contact for collaboration :)

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